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Let me tell you about our crew... Momma L- I dig pretty shoes- that are comfy. And coffee, I love coffee. Big Daddy- He is gonna cringe if he sees this, lol. I also dig that. He loves playing basketball with the kiddos. JD- He is 14. He is sarcastic. He is a freshman in HS. He is a regular teen. Annoyingdotcom. I heart that. HN- 9 yr old math wiz and future rap star. Well at least that is how he sees himself. He currently is enjoying beatboxing, reading, and anything techy. Little Miss- 8 years old, loves my little ponies and her critters. She loves all things pretty. HW- 7 years old and if it has to do with construction,garbage trucks, or wild life...he's there! He is my little funny man. Baby O- 4 years old and fancies herself fancy. She enjoys all things dolly, tea party, or shopping related.

Wednesday, December 31, 2014

moving to a new site

Thank you to all who have been following our journey. I am moving to a wordpress site. I would love for you to continue to follow us there so here is the new link. Feel free to FB, tweet, and pin it:)
Our non profit is up and going, we are also working on that website as well. Hence the site change. If one site is to be there, might as well have them all there :)
Much love to you and Yours.
Momma L

Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Then life happened...

Many  things have happened since writing in November. I think the best way to sum it up is to say that life happened. Crazy, busy as always, it happened. let's cover the highlights.

In the extended home-  Dorothy: This is one of my deepest sadness's.  I feel two sided about it, On one hand I feel as though I failed her, yet on the other hand I feel as though she is behaving like, well we all know that I am direct, like a spoiled child. A young woman, with so much potential, yet she throws it away. I know that there is nothing one person can do to make another person change, they have to want to change and want something healthier, yet somehow I still feel bad. She has bought a ticket to go back to Kansas, in the very same tornado like fashion she came, she leaves. I am sad for her future. I pray that something impacted her. I pray she makes changes in her life. I pray she finds her happiness, a job that she loves and one day, not any time soon, but one day a man that will teat her how she deserves to be treated.

At Work- OH EM GEEEEEEE.... I love it. I love my job as a middle school teacher. This is not the problem. What is the problem is the looming test that costs $100 hanging over my head. The test that I have taken twice and failed and have to take again to be hired THAT is the problem!! I have to be qualified in both history and ELA to teach in middle school because they combine the two. Well ELA I passed, History is the hold up! Merry Christmas break to me!

At Home-  We have had a relatively quiet house lately. No placements, no big problems. Just the usual. Currently everyone is on Christmas Break and the boys are rocking out to guitar hero learning classics like "eye of the tiger," while the girls are playing Disney infinite.  Nash and I just opened our bank account for the non-profit we started Beautifully Inspired. Stayed tuned for a separate post on that. And MY PARENTS MOVED HOME!!!!

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Goodnight moon

I really want to write something wonderful. Something inspirational. But that isn't what is going to happen tonight.   

Today, I helped a kid down to the office while he threw up in my garbage can. 

Helped several others ... Um... Refocus themselves and get back on track so they could get their work done.

Then came home and created The Wizard of Oz line up, minus tin man. 

.... So momma is ready for bed. I will leave with pumpkin carving night.

+ Dorothy

IDorothy has found her way back to Oz. I know I know... She is supposed to find her way back to Kansas, but trust me on this, Oz is where she needs to be. And her family is happy to have her. 
If you remember anything, or just click back to October one year ago, you will see some of Dorothy. She is a BEAUTIFUL young woman. Smart, funny, sassy as can be. She is also the hubby's lil cousin. 
The tornado dropped her precious butt off about 2 weeks ago, and while she suffers from bouts of homesickness, I do think that in the long run, she will do just fine. I am eager to see what wonderful things God has in store for the amazing young woman. She has a spunk, a fight, I know she will do awesome things. 
The Wiz, Wicked, Dorothy, Glenda, Todo, and Scarecrow

Sunday, October 26, 2014

Hope outfitters.

Check out this amazing business. They have a love for The Lord, and are following where God calls.

Life in the FC. Leave a Legacy

Life in the Foster Care or the FC as we have come to call it, is an interesting ride. You never know what will happen, but that can be exciting. Following God, that can be exciting!!
Just like any other mission field God may send a family into, The FC is no different. There are  trials, struggles, successes and failures. There are times of happiness and sorrow. But through everything God is there. 
FC is different that adoption in the sense that there is not always finality. The goal of FC is to reunite a child (ren) with their parents. If that can't happen then other options are sought. But reunification is the first and primary goal. Can this be hard, yes absolutely. But what should we do... not love a child, not care for a child just because it might hurt? How much might it help the child even for a moment. What kind of legacy do you want to leave? What do you want to teach your children?

Oh life

The little thing called life is keeping me busy. So we made time for fun!